Oak firewood

  • Oak firewood has the longest burn duration. 
  • This firewood burns much slower than other types of firewood. 
  • The high calorific content means that oak firewood generates a lot of heat when burned, creating a continuous source of warmth. 
  • Oak firewood produces consistent heat and a low flame, so you won’t need to tend to the fire as often. 
  • It burns evenly and creates minimal ash, making it highly efficient combustible fuel.

Ash firewood

  • Ash firewood is the perfect fuel for fireplaces and wood stoves. 
  • It has a high heat output, burning hotter than softwoods and longer than hardwoods. 
  • Ash firewood offers the advantage of burning steadily for extended periods of time, thanks to its dense grain and thin bark. 
  • As a result, ash firewood can be burned effectively without the need for additional wood types.


Birch firewood

  • Birch firewood catches fire quicker than other types of firewood, making it easier to light. 
  • Birch is known for creating large, bright flames. 
  • Birch firewood fuel generates a lot of heat. 
  • Birch firewood is hot-burning hardwood that is good to use in wood-burning stoves or other fireplaces. 
  • Hardwood burns longer, hotter, cleaner, with less smoke and less ash than softwood as a counterpart.

Alder firewood

  • Alder firewood is known for its excellent ignition properties. 
  • It lights quickly and easily, making it convenient to start a fire. 
  • Alder firewood burns relatively quickly and consistently.
  • It provides a moderate heat output, making it suitable for milder weather conditions or smaller heating needs. 
  • The consistent burn rate allows for a more predictable and manageable fire. 
  • Alder firewood emits a pleasant aroma that adds to the ambiance, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy the scent of wood smoke.


  • Kindling’s are small, easily combustible materials used to ignite a fire. 
  • They are typically used to facilitate the burning of larger pieces of wood or fuel in a fireplace, campfire, or stove. 
  • They are placed at the base of the fire and ignited to provide the initial heat needed to start the combustion of larger fuel sources. 
  • Kindling’s help create a stable and lasting fire by generating enough heat to ignite surrounding wood or fuel.

Our packaging 

Net Bags

We have different sized net bags- 15 l, 25 l, 40 l, etc.

PVC Bags

We can put firewood into a PVC bag of any size that a customer wants.