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Our vision

We strive to be an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly company. Timber Trade Development production has a zero waste policy and reduced CO2 emissions- all wood waste is incinerated and the heat is used in the drying process making the production process waste free. We stand for renewable energy and our goal is to reach zero CO2 emissions during our production process by the year 2028.




What we do

1. Raw material

  • We buy tree logs from our local forests. 
  • After they are delivered they get separated by the tree species they belong to.
  • Timber Trade Development supports sustainable forestry, which is why we have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate FSC-C156357.
  • The raw materials of wood are put on a dry, clean field so they can start to naturally dry.

2. The preparation of firewood


  • Tree logs get split into 20-50 cm long firewood, or they can be split into the size that the customer wants. 
  • The cross section of firewood is 8-15 cm.

3. Drying in a kiln

  • The firewood gets put into a kiln to dry. 
  • It stays in the kiln for around 4-6 days depending on the type of wood that it is.
  • After the drying process the moisture level in the wood is 10-18 %. 

 4. The packaging 

  • The firewood can be packaged into PVC bags of any size. 
  • The firewood can be put into net bags of any size, the most popular being 25-40 L.
  • We also offer firewood packaged into cardboard boxes. 

 5. Delivery

  • We deliver worldwide. 
  • We make deliveries using dry land transport – trucks and sea transport – ships.

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